When you look out your window, you should enjoy the view instead of noticing how dirty the glass is. Unfortunately, every time it rains, pollen, and particles stick to glass, making it look dingy and dirty. We provide indoor and outdoor window cleaning in Maryland to ensure all parts of the glass, frame and sill are bright and glistening. We take special care to ensure your windows are treated carefully and all parts are thoroughly cleaned with our residential window cleaning services.


Initial Consultation

At the start of our residential window cleaning service, our technicians will greet you and discuss typical procedures. Any special details will be addressed at this point (tint on certain windows, obstacles, time restraints, pets, etc). This is to ensure efficient work, and the least amount of disturbance for family members.

Gear Up

Our residential window cleaning company will get all of the necessary tools and materials required to clean the interior portion of the windows.

Included in the tools and materials are protective booties that keep dirt and debris from entering the home.

Interior Cleaning – Prepare Work Area

Our technicians move any large (beds, night stands, chairs, etc.) and small (books, pillows, paperwork, etc) objects away from the window.

Any blinds that are down will be lifted to expose the window.

Interior Cleaning – Screen Removal

If a screen is present in the window, it will be removed. Any large debris on the screen will be wiped off before it is brought into the house. Screens will be labeled and placed upside down near the entrance to each room.

Interior Cleaning – Removable Grilles, Sills & Tracks

Any removable grilles will be cleaned using our window cleaning solution. They will be removed and placed near the window, but out of the way of the technician. This ensures that they are not broken accidentally.

Sills and tracks will be cleaned and detailed using a microfiber towel and our window cleaning solution.

The window will then be closed and locked.

Interior Cleaning – Glass & Frame

The glass will then be washed using industry standard “Mop & Squeegee” procedures.

All parts of the frame will be wiped down using our window cleaning solution and a blue cleaning towel.

The technician will detail the edge of the glass with a scrim. This removes any remaining solution from the glass leaving behind a clean, streak free window.

Removable grilles will be replaced.

This process is repeated for each window. Our residential window cleaning service technicians stay together and methodically all interior units.

Screen Cleaning

Screens are brought outside and placed in a pile.

Our technicians work together to clean all screens using our screen washing system.

The screens are placed into piles where they can dry before being taken back inside.

Exterior Cleaning

The technicians methodically clean all parts of the exterior (frame, tracks, glass) of each window starting with the units on the upper floors and working their way down to the lower units.

Pure Water and Water Fed Poles are utilized in the exterior window cleaning. This means that each customer gets the absolute best service delivered in the safest manner possible.

Screen, Blind, & Furniture Replacement

Our technicians will replace all cleaned screens into their original locations.

At each window our technicians will also place blinds back to their original position.

Any large or small objects that were moved will be placed back in their original position.

Site Clean-Up

All tools and materials will be taken out of the house, and put away after the completion of our residential window cleaning services.

Post Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will walk around the house to make sure all rooms are back in original condition and explain expected results and follow up procedures that will occur.

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