Your beloved outdoor spaces, like your deck and patio, should be clean places to enjoy! We can clean your hard surfaces such with surface washing equipment to agitate grime off brick and other surfaces, and can work on concrete cleaning for a brightened look. We gently clean softer surfaces like wood decking with appropriately powered pressure washing tools. 


Surface Pre-Inspection

Our technician inspects the surfaces to determine proper solution and procedure for cleaning.

Preparing Work Area

Any vegetation that can be moved (Planter Boxes, Flowerpots, Etc.) will be moved away from work area.

Any other removable items (Furniture, Umbrellas, Decorations, Etc.) will be moved away from work area.

Loose Debris Removal

Our technician removes all loose debris from surface with a blower. This is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process.

Anti-Bacterial Solution Mixed

The cleaning agents that make up our surface cleaning solution are combined on site. This ensures that the proper mix and solution is applied to the surface that is being cleaned. This also ensures that the solution used is the freshest possible.

Anti-Bacterial Solution Applied to Surface

The freshly mixed solution is applied to all surfaces in each area. Deep stains may require a second application that will be applied during the same visit.

Our technician will also apply surface cleaning solution to any railings, steps, or planter walls in a given area.

Deep Pavers, Asphalt, & Concrete Cleaning

To deep clean concrete, pavers, asphalt, and other hard surfaces, our technician will use the proper tools and pressure to deep clean those porous materials.

For softer materials (Composite & Wood) this step is skipped as it can damage those types of surfaces.

Surface Rinse

The technician will rinse all surface cleaning solution and debris from surfaces in each area.

Our technician will rinse surface cleaning solution and debris from any railings, steps, or planter walls in each area.

Replace Furniture, Decorations, Movable Vegetation, etc.

Our technicians will replace all moved items (Plants, Furniture, Decoration, Etc.) back into their original location.

Site Clean Up

All major debris will be collected and taken off site for disposal.

Post Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will walk around the surfaces and explain expected results and follow up procedures that will occur from our residential surface cleaning company.

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