Is there any risk of damage to my property as a result of Pristine's cleaning services?

Our well trained staff uses chemicals that are designed to remove dirt, rust, algae and grime. But we work diligently and proactively to protect your property from its effects. By carefully mixing the correct proportion of chemicals and water, along with specific tools and techniques, we ensure we are cleaning effectively without harm to surfaces.

How will you protect my property?

All of our maintenance and cleaning systems are designed to delivery on our mission which means keeping your property protected at all times. That may include protection of your electronic equipment, landscaping, site demarcation or other controls. We will take appropriate physical measures to avoid any damage to your property.

HOw often should I get my property cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the intensity of its use, position, and weather in addition to the amount and type of traffic contacting the surface. The amount of vehicular and foot traffic will directly impact cleaning needs.  Wet conditions promote algae and mold growth on surface. Industrial output and use of chemicals and grease may call for more frequent cleaning. A recommended cleaning schedule will be provided based on analysis of use and factors affecting your surfaces.

How long will it take to clean my property? 

Cleaning time varies based on the size and features of the project. A smaller job may require only a few hours, while a much larger project may require several days.

Do I need to be on site when you arrive?

No, in fact we often try to clean when it will be most convenient for our customers. For property managers and business owners it is important to us to avoid negatively impacting your normal practices, traffic and routines.

Who are your technicians?

All of our technicians have been interviewed and gone through a probationary period. They are all focused on delivering on our mission: Providing the most amazing customer experience, ever!. That means they operate with honesty, humility and effective communication. All of our employees are in continuing education and ongoing training. All employees are in uniform and are prohibited from smoking on any job sites. You will be impressed by their attitude, politeness and customer service.

What parts of my property can you clean?

We specialize in hot/cold pressure washing, chemical cleaning and soft washing, exterior window cleaning, awning cleaning and restoration, rust and calcium removal, and installation of bird and spider control systems.

How will you protect my customers? 

On every site safety is our number one priority. We utilize traffic cones, barriers and and demarcation which are all set up upon arrival at the site. We maintain ongoing communication with site management to maintain awareness of any additional safety factors. Also, our staff wear personal protective equipment, to include boots, long pants, eyewear, and hearing protection as necessary.

Will you disrupt my business/customers during cleaning?

We work diligently to accommodate your business and be as convenient as possible. We understand that an amazing customer experience for you means keeping your work flow and work day as intact as possible.

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