What surfaces can be safely cleaned with your surface washing service?

We can clean all sorts of different surfaces: brick/mortar, stamped concrete, poured concrete, Blue stone and pavers. These can be basement steps, front walkways, pool surrounds, or outdoor patios. Additionally, we can clean different woods like stained/painted boards and pressure treated boards. We can clean composite decking materials as well. These woods and composite materials are often found on decks, walkways, porch ceilings/railings, and similar surfaces.

How often should I have my home's exterior surfaces professionally washed?

That depends a lot on the location of the area, but a good rule of thumb is to have them cleaned at least annually.  If they are high use areas, bi-annual service is recommended. 

What are the benefits of regular surface washing for my home?

There are numerous benefits to regular surface washing at your home. First, the appearance. Your surfaces will always look fresh and ready to go. Second, longevity. Surfaces all break down over time and when organic materials are allowed to dwell for long periods of time it can fast forward that aging process. Third, safety. Exterior surfaces that aren’t clean are often slippery and can cause dangerous situations to be present.

Are the cleaning products used in surface washing safe for pets and plants?

The cleaning solution we use is designed to kill any organic matter growing on the exterior surfaces. This helps to maintain a level of cleanliness well beyond the date of service. Our cleaning process takes plants and animals into account, and we provide multiple rinses for all vegetation while completing a service. Any run-off is diluted to harmless levels by the time we are wrapped up in a given area. We always recommend that pets be kept inside when our cleaning procedures are being completed, but they can safely enter any cleaned areas once our services are complete.

Can surface washing remove mold, mildew, and other stubborn stains from my home's exterior?

Absolutely! That is what our cleaning solution and process is designed to do. All organic materials will easily be removed utilizing the lowest pressure needed because of our cleaning solution. Any other type of staining that isn’t organic in nature (rust, calcium, grease) can be removed or lightened utilizing proper cleaning solutions and procedures.

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