Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Commercial Power Washing Services

Your building gets bombarded with the elements – rain, wind, dirt, bird droppings, and more – daily and these conditions can quickly add up to give your building an unappealing coat of grime, sometimes seemingly overnight. Additionally, things like algae, mold, mildew, and other fungi can not only slowly destroy materials but become a health risk. Thus, its important to maintain your building with commercial power washing services that can keep it and stand out against competitors.


At Pristine Inc, we understand that your building and its surroundings aren’t just a physical location – they’re valuable assets and an extension of your brand’s image, so our commercial pressure washing services are designed specially to use the right amount of pressure for each unique building material and remove all grime. 


Power Washing Services Pre-Inspection

Our technicians inspect the areas to be cleaned to determine the proper solution and procedure to be used for cleaning.

Any areas of concern and areas with pre-existing damage will be noted.

Preparing Work Area

Any vegetation that can be moved (Planter Boxes, Flowerpots, Etc.) will be moved away from work area.

Any other removable items (Tables/Chairs, Benches, Umbrellas, Decorations, Etc.) will be moved away from work area.

Cleaning Solution Applied to Surface

A freshly mixed solution is applied to all surfaces in each area. Deep stains may require a second application that will be applied during the same visit.

Our technicians will use appropriate cleaning solutions depending on the surfaces being cleaned, and the type of staining that is present.

Our technicians will also apply surface cleaning solution to any railings, steps, or planter walls in each area.

Deep Clean

Our technician will use the proper tools and pressure to deep clean the area

If necessary, heated water will be used for the deep cleaning to enhance the results.

Surface Rinse/Detail

The technician will rinse all surface cleaning solution and debris from surfaces in each area.

All gum will be popped, and any areas with deep staining will be treated again to lighten the staining

If necessary, heated water will be used during the rinsing/detailing of the area.

Resetting the Work Area

Our technicians will replace all moved items (Plants, Furniture, Decoration, Etc.) back into their original location.

Tables and chairs/benches will be wiped down to remove any overspray from the rinsing of the area.

Site Clean Up

All major debris will be collected and taken off site for disposal.

Post Cleaning Power Washing Service Inspection


Our technician will walk around the surfaces that were cleaned to check for quality and will explain any follow up procedures that will occur.

Commercial Pressure Washing With a Personal Touch

Pristine Inc. strives to not only offer commercial pressure washing services that keep your property clean and attractive but deliver the most amazing customer experience – ever! We know this is a bold statement, but we have the character, experience, and means to back it up. Our founders set out to combine their extensive industry knowledge and past business experience to create the best commercial pressure washing company around, working diligently to provide our customers with quality services and care for the customer like the industry never has before.

At Pristine Inc. we value honesty, humility, integrity, and effective communication – values you’ll see at work with our commercial pressure washing service. We’ll be clear with all our communication and give you all the information you need to know about our power washing services, all in a timely fashion.

When you choose Pristine Inc. for your commercial pressure washing needs, it’s important to us that you’re not only getting a quality service but are treated with respect through every step of the process.


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A lot of companies over-promise and under-deliver, but not us!

We have made it our mission to deliver the most amazing customer experience ever! It’s a bold statement, but we have the character, experience, processes and guarantees to back it up! It’s important to us that you are treated with respect and delighted with every aspect of our work.

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