What types of commercial properties do you service with pressure washing?

We service all sorts of different property times. We provide services for office spaces, family style restaurants, retail strip centers, commercial facilities, medical facilities, and industrial type properties.

can pressure washing improve the safety of my commercial property?

Absolutely. Dirty surfaces are often slippery due to organic growth or non-organic staining (like grease). Slipper conditions contribute heavily to slips, trips and falls. Keeping areas cleaned on a regular basis provides a much safer environment for employees and patrons alike.

How do you estimate a commercial pressure washing job?

After speaking with a client to understand their goals and desires we will schedule a site assessment. This assessment can be done in person, or via images found online. Once the site has been assessed according to the goals of the client, we utilize calculators and algorithms for each type of project. If there are any special circumstances that need to be addressed (allowed time to complete, water source or drainage situations, etc.), we make sure to factor those into our quotes and include that information in our job notes for our techs.

What precautions do you take to protect landscaping and surrounding areas during pressure washing?

Protecting landscaping is an important part of every cleaning project. Our processes are designed to keep all landscaping thriving and healthy long after we are done the cleaning project. During every cleaning we rinse the vegetation at least 3 times with water to ensure they are well protected. We can bring tarps to provide a physical barrier while we are cleaning a given area. We can also utilize protective chemical agents and fertilizer after projects when necessary. In addition to all of these precautions, we inform each client of our schedule and projected time frames so they can communicate with their tenants and patrons appropriately. This ensures a safe and protected work area on all projects.

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