What to Know About Power Washing Driveways

Having dirt find its way onto your concrete driveway is not only annoying and unpleasant – it can weaken your driveway’s surface too. Since grime and stains accumulate over time, most homeowners and property managers turn to cleaning their driveways with a pressure washing machine. The machines can use either gas or electricity and are portable. If pressure washing your driveway is something you are contemplating for the first time, here are the steps to take.

Steps to Power Wash Your Driveway

1.    Prepare the Surface

Clearing debris and items from the surface of your driveway is the first step in preparing the cleaning area for pressure washing. Use a broom or a leaf blower to clear dirt and cover your walls and doors with painter’s tape or a tarp.

2.    Degrease the Surface

Use a spray degreaser to get rid of the stains on the concrete. If your pressure doesn’t have an attachment for applying the grease, consider scrubbing into the concrete with a push broom or a bristled brush.

3.    Prepare Your Pressure Washer

Since each pressure washer is different, read and follow the setup instructions in the manual. Pressure washing can cause substantial damage, so test it out on a separate area before you start cleaning your driveway.

4.    Clean the Concrete

Hold the spray wand down and pressure wash side-to-side across your driveway. Overlap each movement by a few inches to thoroughly clean the area.

5.    Rinse the Concrete

Run your pressure to remove detergent or soap leftover and the remaining grime or dirt, and then allow the surface to dry.

6.    Seal the Surface

With a paint roller, seal the concrete with a sealant to eliminate future stains. Give your driveway some time (approximately 24 hours) before you can use it again.

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