How Often Should Residential Windows Be Cleaned?

Watch any house hunting show on television today, and you’ll likely hear the realtor or clients praise the view provided by panoramic windows. Since glass panes became common in the 17th century, homeowners have insisted on glass-paned windows. Once windows came into fashion, the question inevitably followed of how often should residential windows be cleaned?

Dirty windows create problems beyond ugliness: dirt and grime can actually cause damage to the windows themselves. A surfeit of chemicals, dirt, and other elements can settle on windows, weakening them and causing them to become less insular and to block sunlight. Having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis provides benefits beyond spotlessness, such as:

  • Enhances your home’s appearance
  • Helps you discover potential problems before they get serious
  • Eliminates unhealthy mold
  • Decreases allergens
  • Gives you a better view
  • Extends the life of your windows
  • Prevents Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) by letting in more sunshine

What Frequency Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Having windows professionally cleaned clearly benefits homeowners, and experts agree that residential windows should be cleaned two to three times per year. Residents who live on streets with lots of trees and pollen-producing plants should have their windows cleaned three times a year. Residential window cleaning frequency of twice a year should suffice for the average home setting. 

What to Look for in a Cleaning Service

Homeowners should look for window cleaning services that will be conscientious and thorough

in the cleaning process. For example, Pristine Inc. has an 11-Step process we follow with our Maryland clients to ensure clean and safe windows and screens with no mess left behind. We offer free quotes online or by phone to minimize time and to clarify details. 

By following these window cleaning tips to keep your windows clean, your house will maintain its value better, be more energy efficient, and provide that all-important view, even if it’s just of the neighbors.


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