Carpet Cleaning Aftercare - What to do After Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Aftercare - What to do After Carpet Cleaning?

What to do After Carpet Cleaning Services are Complete?

Your professional carpet cleaning company may have just completed the scheduled cleaning services, but you may not know what to do next to maintain a clean carpet. Days after cleaning, you may start noticing dirt accumulating on your carpet once again. However, with these few tips, you can maintain a clean carpet after thorough cleaning services.

1.) Dry the Carpet with Warm Air

Although we might have used fans to dry the fibers on your carpet, your carpet will most likely retain some moisture. Moist carpets can re-trap the mildew and dirt we worked so hard to eliminate. Therefore, you need to use fans to keep air moving and remove the evaporating moisture.

Remember that warm air allows carpets to dry faster. During the warm season, you can opt to turn off your air conditioner or open windows to enhance the circulation of warm air. The warm air will then boost the evaporation process to allow your carpet fibers to dry faster.

2.) Keep People and Pets off Newly Cleaned Carpets

Even after cleaning your carpet, you may still want to use it. However, it’s essential to keep off the carpet until it’s totally dry. Walking on a moist carpet can flatten the fibers, thus affecting the drying time.

3.) Hold off on Returning Furniture

If you moved furniture before the cleaning process, it’s essential to keep them away until the carpet is completely dry. Moving the furniture on a damp carpet will push down fibers and attract mildew.

4.) In Between Professional Carpet Cleaning Appointments

Cleaning spills immediately, and vacuuming helps you maintain a clean carpet before the subsequent carpet cleaning appointment. However, when removing stains and spills, ensure not to rub the carpet as this could aggravate the fibers.

Now that you know what to do after receiving carpet cleaning services to maintain your carpet, consider scheduling another appointment. This can allow you to mitigate the stress year-round of deep cleaning your carpet, and there’s nothing better than seeing your carpets look brand new once more and feeling the softness under your feet.

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