Window Cleaning 101

Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Window Cleaning Company

You look out the window to admire the new spring tulips that have opened in the garden. But what do you see instead? Dirt. Dust. Pollen. No, not in your garden – it’s all over the glass. Your windows are filthy. And it’s not just the glass – the sills, frame and screen are all dingy too.

It might be time to call a window cleaning company to take care of it. But before you do that, here’s what you should know about the ins and outs of window washing.

Proper Steps in an Effective Window Cleaning Process

1. Clean the Inside of the Windows

Our technicians start by meeting with the homeowner to explain the window cleaning process. Then they gear up and prepare to clean the inside of the windows. That includes carefully moving any furniture and blinds necessary to clean the windows. Removable grills are detached, and screens are removed and labeled so they can be cleaned separately. 

The technician will first clean the sills and tracks with a microfiber towel and window cleaning solution. This ensures no dirt trapped in these slots will be smeared on the glass later. Then the glass and frame will be cleaned with an industry standard “mop and squeegee” procedure.  We use a blue cleaning towel and a powerful cleaning solution to get the cleanest possible glass. The technician then creates a streak-free finish with a final detailing using a scrim to remove any remaining solution.

We methodically repeat the interior glass cleaning throughout the house. Technicians always start upstairs, and leap frog each other to ensure that no windows are missed in the process.

Once the interior side of the windows have been cleaned, we bring the screens outside for a thorough wash. That helps remove dust, debris, cobwebs and any other accumulated dirt. The screens are then laid out to air dry while the exterior side of the windows are cleaned. We are very careful to make sure they remain labeled so we know exactly where they will be reinstalled.

Once the interior side of the windows are completed, we then give the screens a thorough wash that helps remove dust, debris, cobwebs, and any other accumulated dirt. We are very careful to make sure they remain labeled so we know exactly where they will be reinstalled.

2. Clean the Outside of the Windows

We utilizes pure water and water fed poles to clean the exterior side of the windows. Fresh brushes designed for scrubbing windows are helpful in reaching all the corners of the frames and dislodging stuck-on grime. These brushes are water fed – that means a hose runs up to the brush to wash and rinse the glass with pure water, creating the desired streak-free shine. The water comes out in a gentle flow, ensuring that no water is forced around the frames potentially damaging them.

Our brushes are mounted on have long extension poles enabling us to reach up to 5 stories second floor windows safely. Where necessary, we also use ladders and manlift equipment to access high windows. In cases where window stains are being treated, we may utilize fine steel wool and we apply a polymer surface protectant for long-term results.

3. Restore, Reinstall, Inspect

Our technicians double check the quality of each window as they re-install the screens in their original locations and place blinds and furniture back in position. All tools and materials are removed and put away. The technicians will then circle the house and check the rooms to ensure all work has been done completely, and rooms restored.

Note, our defined steps ensure maximum efficiency (time and quality) while also limiting inconvenience to our customers. These steps ensure that technicians are making the fewest number of trips in and out of the house and disrupting your family and pets. We also take additional measures like wearing booties and before and after photos to return your home to the exact condition we found it.

Frequently Asked Questions with Window Cleaning

Why are my windows so dirty? 

There are many reasons window get dirty. Seasonal pollen releases result in a yellow film of sticky pollen attached to the glass. Spray from sprinkler systems and/or hoses used to water the grass and flower beds often leave streaks or hard water stains. Dust in the air, even the particles in air pollution adhere to a clean glass, especially after a rain storm. Hard water runoff from masonry (brick, stone, concrete) or metal leaves persistent mineral stains that are especially hard to remove. They make the glass look cloudy.

How often should my windows be cleaned?

Ideally the glass should be cleaned twice a year, inside and out. This is a daunting task for most homeowners who are only equipped with a few rolls of paper towels and a bottle of window cleaner. While cleaning the inside is a manageable task for most people, cleaning the outside can be a huge chore and there are many safety issues. And What’s the point of cleaning the inside, if the outside of the glass is still dirty?

Should I Do It Myself or Hire a Window Cleaning Company?

Typically, our customers call us in when they have a lot of windows and/or panes, have hard to reach windows (requiring ladders or a lift equipment), have stains that are hard to remove, or just don’t have the time or desire to deal with window cleaning themselves. Getting the best possible results requires a dedicated amount of time, effort and cleaning equipment. Many homeowners prefer to pass the window cleaning chore on to experts who can work efficiently and quickly.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use an experienced, licensed and insured window cleaning company! Consider online Google reviews, BBB ratings, years in business and recent project photos.  We recommend avoiding the lowest price company as they are known for working too quickly resulting in sloppy work.

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