How Getting a Roof Wash Extends the Life of Your Roof

Most people don’t think about washing the roof of their house. Why would you need a roof wash when it rains so much here? You may not realize how much debris is left on the roof that you cannot see from the ground or washed into your rain gutters over a short period of time.

Properly washing your roof can extend the life of your roof dramatically by preserving the first layer of protection: the shingles. It serves as an early warning system for potential problems such as leaks, termite damage, algae, lichens, or mold. By hiring a roof washing company to wash your roof for you, they can use the proper chemicals to kill destructive organisms and ensure the longevity of your shingles, and they are trained in safety techniques for walking on wet roofs.


Why Should You Schedule a Roof Wash Regularly?

Shingles are exposed to all weather elements and should be treated as a part of your house that needs a deep cleaning. Every location is different, but here in Maryland, summer days are humid and often rainy with summer rainstorms, and this is the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, lichens, and algae. They’re most recognizable by streaks, dark spots, and white patches on the roof. In some cases, moss can start to grow, which can be very destructive.


Mold, mildew, lichens and algae can damage your roof beyond repair in some cases and require an entirely new roof, which can be extremely expensive. Algae eats your shingles. It feeds on the limestone the shingles are made of. Over time the granules in the shingles wash off as they deteriorate.


Eventually neglect of the roof will result in growing leaks, wood rot, and weak spots. By taking good care of your roof, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.


When was the last time you cleaned out your rain gutters?

For most people, the answer to this question is, “It’s been a few years, at least.” Rain gutters and drain pipes can get clogged with the debris that washes off in the rain or is blown there by the wind. Maintenance and regular clean of gutters are integral parts in protecting the fascia, siding and soffits of the home.


Keeping your gutters cleaned out can be dangerous without the correct equipment such as ladders or fall protection. If rain gutters are not taken care of on a regular basis, they can clog drain pipes and cause damage to the siding of the house where the water overflows.


Nearby Trees Can Cause More Damage Than You Think

Mature trees are lovely around homes. Looking out the window and seeing green rather than the house next door is a nice part of living in Maryland, but these trees can cause damage you may not expect. Roof washers access your whole roof and may be able to spot initial signs that may be damaging to your roof in the future.


The obvious danger with trees too close to your house is that if they fall, the tree could do significant damage to the roof and the house depending on its size. Storms can cause tree branches to fall on roofs which damage shingles as well. But trees also tend to deposit leaf litter on the roof, which can hold moisture long term on shingles and cause rot beneath.


Trees that are too close to the roof can give easy access for termites and other bugs that will set up shop in your roof and can weaken the structure. Shade from trees also promotes mold and algae growth by keeping roofs damp longer.


Proximity to Heavily Trafficked Roads

Having your home next to a heavily trafficked road can kick up dust and debris that settles on your roof. Additionally, pollutants from exhaust and acid rain in more industrial areas have a corrosive effect on the roof in the long term. More remote neighborhoods will only get small amounts of dust and debris, which are normal and essentially harmless. High traffic areas will have a much higher accumulation rate and will need to be cleaned more regularly.


Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

It is essential to protect the roof of your home, as it is your shelter from the elements, but there may be more surfaces around your home that would benefit from a deep cleaning, like siding, sidewalks, decks, patios, and driveways. If you keep exterior cleaning on a regular schedule, you can keep your home sparkling like new all year.


Furthermore, annual cleaning prevents long-terms stains from setting on surfaces that won’t ever be able to be removed. A little preventative maintenance will preserve the life of your exterior surfaces, including stains and paints.


Roof Leak Checks Are Essential

The last thing you want during the middle of a rainstorm is to find out your roof is leaking. Once you find the leak into your living areas, there is most likely extensive damage in the roof structure and the attic. By using a roof cleaning service, you can be confident that they are trained to notice potential leaks and alert you to prevent significant problems.


Leaks can happen from many different causes, the most common coming from damaged shingles or the age of the shingles. While technicians trained in washing rooftops are not prepared to fix problems, they can recognize the leading causes of leaks and alert the homeowner.


Outdoor patios and decks, whether covered or not, are exposed to many of the same elements as your roof and need some of the same care. Pressure washing dirt and debris off the patio or deck can not only make the space seem newer, but it is better for the longevity of the surfaces. Wood decks are prone to damage if not well taken care of, and proper cleaning can keep them looking like new.


Whether your house has siding, brick, wood or stucco, it accumulates dirt just like every other surface previously mentioned. Cleaning these surfaces requires the proper tools and knowledge to prevent further damage from water pressure that is too high or a cleaning solution that damages the siding.


A Roof Wash Pays for Itself in the Long Term

Many responsibilities come with owning a home, and it is crucial that you stay ahead of potential problems instead of falling behind. The roof of your home provides you with shelter, and you can prolong its lifespan by taking good care of it.


Hire a technician with the right equipment to safely access your roof, provide a thorough inspection, and thoroughly remove destructive elements that are wearing them down. There’s no need to take the risks or rent equipment to do it yourself. With the proper techniques, equipment and chemicals, roof washing will not cause any further damage to your home.


Your home is where you often spend the majority of your time, so you should take care of it so it can take care of you. Home maintenance is not usually glamorous, but it is essential and pays dividends in the long run.


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