Outdoor Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings: How Often Should Buildings be Cleaned?

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Outdoor Pressure Washing a Commercial Building - Concrete Cleaning

The Cadence of Outdoor Pressure Washing Services for Commercial Buildings

It’s normal for commercial buildings to accumulate dirt over time. Suppose you’re a commercial property manager, and your property gets dirty after events, a season’s change, or due to daily activities. In that case, regular outdoor power washing may be what you need. But how often should you consider outdoor pressure washing for commercial property?

1.) With Each Season

Each season comes with its outdoor cleaning challenges. The best time to schedule outdoor pressure washing services for your commercial property is after every season change. For example, you can schedule pressure washing after spring and summer to eliminate dust and pollen or remove salt and sand after winter.

2.) On a Regular Basis

Your commercial property may have significant foot traffic, so you need frequent outdoor pressure washing. You’ll need to schedule a routine pressure washing plan, mainly if your property is close to a construction site or a commercial area generating dust and debris.

3.) After a Storm

As you schedule for a roof or HVAC repair service after a storm, it’s also important to consider scheduling for outdoor power washing services. This will eliminate the leaves and dirt that accumulate after a storm. Considering that Maryland experiences tropical storms and flooding regularly, pressure washing services will help keep your property sparkling.

4.) After Events

Power washing helps remove stubborn stains and debris that accumulate after an outdoor event. If you have held an event with considerable foot traffic, it’s time to schedule outdoor power washing services.

5.) Industrial Setting Considerations

If you use your commercial property to operate heavy machines or manufacture chemicals, you need to consider regular power washing services. Remember that oil spills and other stains can drain onto surfaces and ruin them gradually.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash a Commercial Facility?

There is no specific answer to when facilities should be pressure washed. Depending on the property’s maintenance needs, facility managers must decide how frequently they should consider pressure washing services.

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