Office Sanitization Services: When Do You Need It?

office sanitization services & covid-19 cleaning services

The Cadence of COVID-19 Office Cleaning & Sanitization Services

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have changed, one of the most noticeable ones being the office cleaning patterns. Companies are no longer worried about visible dirt. Most of them focus on ways to keep the contagious virus at bay and guard against invisible germs. As a result, the way we clean, disinfect, and sanitize have taken a completely new route. Not only does an office need to be cleaned, but office sanitization services may be necessary to keep your workplace safe. Read on for further information about COVID-19 cleaning services from Pristine Inc.

The Differences Between Cleaning, Disinfecting, & Sanitizing

  • Cleaning involves using water and detergents or products containing soap to remove dirt, germs, and impurities from surfaces to lower the risk of inspection.
  • Disinfecting utilizes chemicals such as EPA-certified disinfectants to kill any remaining germs on objects or surfaces. This is often done after cleaning.
  • Sanitizing is the process of cleaning or disinfecting to reduce pathogenic agents to a safe level.

When to Clean and When to Disinfect

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, you should clean your workplace at least once a day if no one is suspected or confirmed with COVID-19. Still, you can opt to disinfect shared offices if the space is poorly ventilated, does not provide hand sanitizer, is a high traffic area, or is occupied with individuals with an increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

What Can Sanitization and Disinfecting Services Do for Your Business?

Office sanitization and disinfecting services from Pristine Inc. can help your business maintain high hygiene standards, reducing the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious diseases. It also creates a safer, healthier work environment that can boost employee morale and encourage them to focus on their work more than worry about their safety.

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