House Washing 101

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Home Washed

Every spring starts off with a long list of homeowners who are ready to have their house washed. After a long, wet winter of little sunlight and short days, algae, mold and mildew start growing on siding, brick, and concrete surfaces. It gives the home a dingy, greenish-black look.


Then, by April, flowers and trees start blooming, releasing a yellow layer of pollen that sticks to every square inch of the home – rails, decks, siding, and windows.


These houses need to be washed! We help our customers with their spring-cleaning chores by revitalizing the exterior of their homes and offering residential house washing.


Why Do Houses Get So Dirty?

It’s totally normal for the exterior of your home to become dirty with pollen, mildew, dust, dirt, and elements from the atmosphere. Through the seasons, storms, mowing, vehicle traffic, and vegetation blooms all emit particles in the air that stick to the home. 


The second factor is the combination of sunlight and moisture. Those areas on the house that don’t get much sunlight tend to retain moisture. That creates an environment welcoming to algae.



Algae, Mold, and Mildew

Algae is the number one violator when it comes to the greenish growth on the home. Algae should be removed at least annually to prevent long-term unremovable staining. Mold, mildew and lichens can also begin to grow on siding too, likely causing a darker or blackish look. These are destructive because they can break down and eat away the surfaces, paint, and greatly reduce the life of the siding.


Your House is Covered in Sugar

Yes, it’s true!  And algae and mildew love to eat sugar. Any trees around your home broadcast fine aerosols of sugar through the seasons. In the case of wood siding, sometimes wood sealers and stains are made of natural oils that attract mildew and algae. While the sealant is designed to prevent damage to wood, it can begin to break down over time from air, rain and sunlight exposure and draw in the invaders.


Calcium and Rust

Calcium and rust can also build up on the exterior of the home, especially beneath window, gutters, and along chimneys where metal is in contact with the house. They cause unsightly orange and white stains. This does not come off easily. It takes vigorous manual scrubbing along with appropriate chemicals to break down these stains.



House Washing For Cleaning and Preservation

House washing preserves both the look and curb appeal of the home while also extending the life span of the paint and exterior. It’s a small cost compared the price associated with replacing siding or re-painting the whole home. 


We recommend every home be cleaned at least annually, which will extend the life of the siding by years.



Hiring a Pressure Washing Company vs. Doing it Yourself

It’s easy to pick up a $150 power washer from the store so you can do it yourself. But we recommend extreme caution. Many, many DIY-ers accidentally cause thousands of dollars in long-term damage to their home’s exterior this way. 


This equipment can be very powerful, and siding is more delicate than you think. They are designed to protect the home from rain – not from a concentrated jet stream. Techniques are extremely important.


Directing a high-pressure stream of water directly at siding can cause damage to it by allowing water to get underneath it. That results in water damage and mold growth beneath the siding. Pressure washers, when using too much power and force, can easily crack vinyl siding.


For wood siding, injecting water between cracks and crevices can cause water damage, discolor, and erode the wood. Improper mixes of chemicals can stain, discolor and break down sealant from these surfaces. 


For these reasons, we recommend calling a professional power washing company if you are considering washing any wood or vinyl siding.



What Does a Professional House Wash Include?

Our house washing and exterior cleaning services to help your home stay clean through every season of the year. That means:

  • Clean porches, rails and patios that welcome outdoor living and dining

  • Spotless, brightened exterior walls and siding free of dingy algae, mildew, mold and dirt

  • Clean soffits, fascia, trim, and gutters to compliment the home

We make it easy for you! We take the responsibility of moving any necessary furniture, planters, and decorations out of the way ourselves.

Our House Washing Process

Our house-washing process is unique to our industry. It beats the competition in being the most thorough, careful, and comprehensive house washing routine. 

We want our customers to have the best experience possible! We take full responsibility for all the tasks in site preparation and follow-up inspection to ensure their complete satisfaction.

1.     House Pre-Inspection. Each surface of your home warrants a different chemical, pressure level, nozzle and technique to ensure the most thoroughly cleaning without causing any damage to the surface. We review the home before starting any work to make sure we have the appropriate tools ready to clean the home properly and efficiently.

2.     Prepare the Work Area. We remove any moveable furniture, planters, and decorations necessary to complete the work. Our customers love this, especially if they don’t plan to be home that day. They don’t have to worry about doing this chore themselves.

3.     Mix Cleaning Solutions. Once we know the volume and type of solutions we need to clean your home, we begin to mix the solution. Algae, mold and mildew respond well to antibacterial solutions. The cleaning agents are combined just before work to ensure they are the most effective and powerful mix.

4.     Protect Vegetation. We rinse any planted vegetation adjacent to the work side of the house to ensure no over-spray will stick to the plants.

5.     Apply Cleaning Solution. We work on one side of the house at a time.  First, we cover the surfaces with the cleaning solutions. We apply it with high powered equipment that has extensive reach but will not concentrate the spray to damage siding or remove paint. Since the north facing side of the home gets the least amount of sunlight, it tends to cultivate the most algae. We typically apply two coats to the north side of the home.

6.     Large Debris Removal. While the cleaning solution is working, we will remove any debris from that side of the house. That would include any bee/wasp nests and bird nests.

7.     Cleaning Solution Rinsed. The solution has now had time to work and has begun killing the mold, mildew, and algae on the surfaces. Now it’s ready to be rinsed off. We use the appropriate strength and concentration to thoroughly rinse off any stuck-on material from the exterior of the home.

8.     Permanent Vegetation Rinsed. We rinse off any vegetation planted along that side of the home to ensure that none of the overspray could harm the plants.

Steps 4 through 8 are repeated on each remaining side of the house. We follow up with a thoroughly inspection afterwards to make sure we cleaned everything thoroughly for complete customer satisfaction.

We’re not like the other pressure washing companies – we focus on delivering an amazing customer experience coupled with great results!

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